Why Skipping Mock Tests Before CA Inter Exam Will Cost You 15 Extra Marks

Less than a month left for the exams. Some of you will be trying to complete your syllabus while some will be on their third revision. No matter which category you belong to, there’s one thing in common, that is the fear of exams. 

There would be a lot of doubts going on in your head. Some related to the syllabus while some associated with yourself. “Do I really know the topic I just finished?” “Is the formula of Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) √(2AO/C)?” “Are my revisions really helping me?” The solution for all of these problems is one, testing how much you have learnt.

What better way to find out than giving a mock test? That is where the Mock Test Paper comes into the picture.

What are Mock Test Papers?

Mock Test Papers, as the name suggests, are a replica of the kind of paper you get in your exam with the same format and comprising the same syllabus.

Mock Test Papers for the CA Intermediate are of 3 hours and consist of 100 marks. The pattern of the Mock Test Paper is the same as that of the CA Intermediate exam.

For example, the CA Intermediate Audit Mock Test Paper consists of two parts, Division - A and Division - B. Division - A is of 30 marks and consists of 3 Multiple Choice type questions. First, two multiple-choice questions are Case Scenarios type which are of 10 marks each. Each Case Scenario consists of 5 MCQs of 2 marks each. The third question consists of General MCQs of 2 marks each.

Division - B is of 70 marks and it consists of 6 questions. The first question is of Correct or Incorrect type and is compulsory. There is an internal choice in the first question wherein you have to attempt any 7 questions out of the 8 given questions. The first question is of 14 marks.

From the remaining 5 questions, students have to attempt any 4.

As clear by the previous example, Mock Test Papers give us an idea of what kind of questions to expect in the exams without the idea of which we can not score good marks. 

Even when the Mock Test Papers are such a great resource, they are still dreaded by a lot of students and are avoided by them because of varying reasons that we are going to discuss now.

Reasons why students don’t give Mock Test Papers

There are various reasons why students avoid giving Mock Test Papers, such as-

1. Lack of Preparation

Some students feel that they have not prepared well enough for the exam and hence they are not well equipped to attempt a Mock Test Paper.

For those students, all we want to say is - there will be doubts about your preparation even till the moment you are starting to give your exam. It’s hard to be sure of how much you know when the syllabus is so huge.

The only way to figure that out is by evaluating your preparation and the way to evaluate your preparation is to give at least one Mock Test Paper.

2. Unfinished Syllabus

Some students do not give Mock Test Papers because they still have few topics remaining to be finished. Though it is advisable to give a Mock Test when your preparations are done but it is better to give a Mock Test with few unfinished topics than not giving a Mock Test at all.

3. Waste of Time

There are students who think giving Mock Test Papers is a waste of time. They think that instead of wasting three hours on giving a Mock Test Paper, they can utilize this time to revise their syllabus. 

But what good is a well revised syllabus if you don't know how to put that knowledge in your answer sheet?

The best players in the world practice tremendously before they get into the field. The Mock Test Papers are the practice required to succeed in your exam.

There will be a hundred reasons to not do something but only one is enough to make a difference. Mock Tests are the tool that is going to make a difference in your exam.

Why is it important to give Mock Tests?

Most of the students appearing for CA Intermediate exam don't consider sitting for a Mock Test Paper. The result? Half of the students shift from giving both groups to giving just one group whereas a portion of students skip the exam altogether with a hope of getting a rank in the next attempt. From the students appearing for the exams, many go completely blank when they sit for the exam.

The solution? Giving Mock Test Papers.

Irrespective of which field you belong to, to score good marks in an exam you need to know what kind of questions to expect. A student who does not know that the CA Inter Audit exam consists of Case Scenarios with MCQs would not know how to answer them either.

Giving Mock Tests help you in the following ways-

1. Understanding the Paper Structure

Mock Test Papers give you an idea of the structure of the paper going to come in your exam. This makes you better equipped to handle the exam. Different questions carry different marks, which question to attempt can be decided on the basis of the weightage of the question.

When you give the Mock Tests, you get to know how many questions you will get in the exam. The type of questions, which questions consist of how many marks, and how many questions you have to attempt, all become clear when you have had a practice through Mock Tests.

2. Presentation

How you present your answers in CA Intermediate exams plays a key role in scoring good marks in the exams. You have to show the examiner that you possess the amount of knowledge that is expected from a CA Inter student, that too in the given amount of time.

The only way to do that is to present your answer in a proper manner. Mock Tests help you in figuring out how you can present the answers in the best way possible in the given amount of time

3. Time Management

The key to score good marks in exams is to manage your time in the best way possible. There are internal choices available in the exam. Practicing through Mock Tests gives you an understanding of how you can best manage your time during the exam. Since you have had practice you know how to handle the paper during your final exam.

For example, if a question consists of three parts which also include four subparts each, and there is one question which consists of only two parts, it is better to answer the later than spending a lot of time on the former question.

4. Level of Preparation

Mock Tests help you figure out how much you know and moreover how much more you need to work on. 

Mock Test papers comprise the whole syllabus. Which ensures that you are not just working on your strong points but are getting to know your weak points too.

This helps you in figuring out the areas or topics you need to work on. You don’t have to wait till your exams to know there are certain topics that need more attention. You can work on it and make sure you are going for exams fully prepared.

5. Confidence

Finishing the Mock Test in the stipulated time gives you a sense of accomplishment and boosts your confidence. 

It is very important that you feel confident in going for the exam otherwise it is very easy to fall in the rabbit hole of “I will give the next attempt”.

6. Effective Feedback

When you give your Mock Tests and get your result for the same it helps you increase your overall performance. A competent checker can give you effective feedback regarding your preparation and presentation which can help to increase your overall performance.

Sources of Mock Test Papers

There are several sources you can get Mock Test Papers from. Such as-

Mock Test Papers by the ICAI

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India issues Mock Test Papers for each subject before May and November attempts. It organises Mock Tests at the centres where students can enroll and give exams in the same setting as the final exam.

This prepares the students to know what to expect in the exam. They handle the pressure and try to complete the exam in the stipulated time.

ICAI also issues Mock Test Papers on the Board of Studies’ Knowledge Portal. Students can download the paper and create their own exam atmosphere at home and attempt the Mock Tests.

The Mock Tests issued by ICAI are a great resource for students as students can expect similar questions to be asked in exams.

You can find the Mock Test Papers issued by the ICAI from the following direct links.

ICAI’s Mock Test Papers (Direct Links)
2Corporate and Other Laws
3Cost and Management Accounting
5Advanced Accounting
6Auditing and Assurance
7Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management
8Financial Management & Economics for Finance


The main reasons for failure in CA Inter exams are lack of preparation and lack of practice. Many students take three-four attempts to clear the exam. You can substitute the need to give several attempts by giving Mock Tests instead.

The sole purpose of Mock Test Papers is to prepare you for the exam. You do get one Mock Test by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India but if you think one Mock Test Paper is not enough for you and you need more practice and want to give more Mock Tests then mocktestpapers.com is just the place for you.

What is MockTestPapers.com?

MockTestPapers.com is a website launched by the renowned Audit faculty, CA Neeraj Arora having 10 years of professional teaching experience. This website contains Mock Test Papers for various subjects of CA Intermediate. There are three types of test series available for the students-

  1. Budget Test Series
  2. Star Test Series, and
  3. Super Star Test Series

Though all the series are very economical, the test series are of different price range to ensure each and every student can afford it depending on their needs. The difference between the three series is as follows-

Budget Test Series

This is the cheapest option available for the students. In this series, students get the test paper which they have to submit within the stipulated time period. The suggested answers for the test series is provided the next day of the exam and the students can evaluate their performance on the basis of the provided answers.

Star Test Series

In the Star Test Series, the students get the question paper and the suggested answers, same as the budget series but along with that their answers are evaluated by qualified and experienced Chartered Accountants. The tests are evaluated on the basis of the marking scheme and the style adopted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ensuring the students get the most authentic results.

Super Star Test Series

The Super Star Test Series contains all the benefits of the Star Test Series but along with that, the students enrolling for the Super Star Test Series get a detailed report by qualified professionals.

The detailed report contains the following crucial points-

    1. The quality of your answers
    You get to know whether the content or the quality of your answers is as per the level desired by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or not. You get tips on how to improve your answers.

    2. Topics which are weak or strong
    On the basis of your answers, your strong and weak topics are analyzed and you get informed about them through the detailed report. You get the chance to improve them before you appear for the exam.

    3. Improvement areas
    Whether you lack in the content of your answer or the way you present them in the exam, your improvement areas are included in the report. You can work on them before the exam so that you don't have to waste another attempt.

    4. How to better present your answers
    You get the tips on how to present your answers in the exams. These are based on your performance in the Mock Tests and hence are personalised as per your need.

    5. The scope of improvement

    The detailed report tells you everything that is right or wrong about your answers. This gives you a vast scope of improvement. Any additional thing you need to work on apart from the generic things is mentioned in the report. So, you basically get your result before your exams. Since you still have time left for exams you can work on things and change your result if it is not as you want it to be without having to appear for one more attempt.

    Basis Budget Test Series
    Star Test Series
    Super Star Test Series
    Test Papers
    Suggested Answers
    Detailed Report

    Why MockTestPapers.com?

    With the pool of Mock Tests available in the market, you might find yourself asking: ‘why mocktestpapers.com?’ Well, the choice becomes clearer when you see the benefits provided to you and compare it with what you are getting from the other test series.

    What do you get from other Test Series?

    Most of the test series available in the market are a mere copy-paste of the Mock Tests provided by the ICAI. They mainly consist of all the questions that are already available to you. They charge you for providing you something that is already available to you for FREE.

    All you need to do is search the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India’s Board of Studies’ Knowledge Portal and you will find all these questions in the Mock Test Papers, Revision Test Papers, or Previous Year Papers.

    The few who don't just copy-paste ICAI’s questions and make their own questions, lack the standard and quality of the questions expected from you in your exam. They are either too easy or too challenging. When you solve the easy questions it gives you a false sense of confidence which in turn hinders your exam preparation and costs you in the exam.

    On the other hand, there are a few who provide such challenging questions that it reduces your confidence and you think you are not prepared for the exam.

    Either of the scenarios is not beneficial for you as you can not enter the exam hall with overconfidence or no confidence at all.

    Along with all these problems, you don't even get the effective feedback required to improve your preparation.

    Witnessing all these problems and seeing the students getting cheated is the reason why MockTestPapers.com was launched. The sole purpose of MockTestPapers.com is to give students the guidance that is actually going to be beneficial for them in the exams.

    Benefits of MockTestPaper.com

    • You get Suggested Answers by the top faculties.
    • You get mentored on the accurate presentation guidelines.
    • With the detailed report, you get to understand the exact reason where you are losing the most marks.
    • You get an understanding of how to prioritize the chapters.
    • You get a detailed report of your performance including special remarks, brevity, presentation & quality of the answer.
    • Especially designed case-study based MCQs to give you a real challenge and make you 100% Exam-Ready.
    • Your answer sheet is evaluated by qualified and experienced Chartered Accountants.
    • You get to understand the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India’s marking scheme and get your marks in Mock Test Papers following the latest standards so that you know what to expect in the final examination.

      Now lets answer the question we started with, Why skipping Mock Test Papers before CA Inter Exam will cost you 15 extra marks?

    Why skipping Mock Test Papers before CA Inter Exam will cost you 15 extra marks?

    At this point, we have less than one month left for the CA Inter Examination. The most crucial thing that you need to be doing right now is having your revisions and evaluating your preparations. You need to do the following things to get good marks in the exam-

    1. Supplement your answers with Notes and Charts

    As we mentioned earlier, presentation matters. Adding notes and charts in your answers zests up your answer sheet. You should try to add notes and charts wherever adequate in your answer sheets.

    2. Important Keywords

    You should mark important keywords in your ICAI Study Material and Summary Notes. Use these keywords and underline them in the exam, this will make your answer stand out to the examiner and will help you get some extra marks.

    3. Prepare concise tables

    Especially for subjects like Audit, you should prepare a concise and crisp table for all the Standards on Auditing. Keep going through them everyday, this will help you retain the standards and include them in your answers in the exam.

    4. Practice hand-written answers

    This is a MUST. You must practice answering questions in your own handwriting and in the exact same format as expected in the exams. Identify all the important questions and make sure that you’re adequately writing answers in your practice notebook before going for the exam. DON'T SKIP THIS.

    5. Basic presentation guidelines

    Follow some basic Presentation Guidelines such as:

    • Always start the new answer from a fresh page
    • Make simple Flowcharts/Tables to increase the impact of your answer
    • Write in Small Paragraphs and use pointers wherever necessary

    And what is the one way you can practice all the above-mentioned tips? By solving Mock Test Papers. These tips can help you score as much as 15 marks in your exam. These 15 extra marks can prove to be very beneficial for you especially when you need to score an exemption or when it comes to qualifying the overall marks requirement.

    If you don't practice Mock Test Papers you lose these extra 15 marks. So, go ahead, start solving Mock Test Papers and score the exemption that you always dreamed of.

    Check Out | MockTestPapers.com

    Prakriti Srivastava

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