Mock Test for IBPS PO Exam – Computer

Mock Test for IBPS PO Exam. The questions are based on the pattern of Computer Section of the IBPS Common Written Exam for recruitment of PO and MT in Public Sector Banks.

1. A PIM software is most useful for

a. Drafting a memo

b. Maintaining a schedule

c. Calculating a budget

d. Keeping track of recipes

2. The smallest unit of information in a database is called a:

a. byte

b. record

c. field

d. cell

3. A ____________ automates a frequently used series of commands.

a. template

b. macro

c. utility

d. wizard

Answer: B

4. Microsoft Office is an example of a(n):

a. software suite

b. open-source product

c. integrated software application

d. business-management application

5. When talking to a speech recognition program, the program divides each second of your speech into 100 separate:

a. phonemes

b. codes

c. samples

d. words

6. Design and layout of complex documents like newsletters and brochures are achieved using a __________ software:

a. word processing

b. computer-aided design

c. Web page authoring

d. desktop publishing

7. CAD software is most likely to be used by:

a. Web designers

b. engineers

c. project managers

d. magazine editors

8. All of the following are tasks performed by the operating system EXCEPT:

a. managing hardware on the computer

b. controlling the access that application programs have to the CPU

c. performing housekeeping tasks like file compression and disk defragmentation

d. providing an interface for users to interact with the computer

9. Which of the following is an example of a real-time operating system?

a. Lynx


c. Windows XP

d. Symbian

10. Which of the following was an early desktop operating system that included an integrated graphic user interface with point-and-click features?


b. Mac OS

c. Unix

d. Gnome